Long Week

What a week!  Monday found me running around like a wild woman trying to get too many things done before heading south to my best friend, Kirsten’s house.  She lives less then an hour and a half away but I pack and prepare as if traveling over seas.  That evening found the two of us catching moths.  Yes, catching them.  One of the millions of things that makes her my best friend is that she appreciates my love of bugs.  You might now be thinking the moths were set free, hahaha, no they are not one of the bugs I love, Manty II my praying mantis is the current bug of my life.  I have been raising him and a hundred of his siblings (until he ate them) for a couple of months.Manty II  Anyway, where was I….oh yes Monday evening bug catching and feeding.

Tuesday, I spent at Kirsten’s enjoying her company and the company of a couple of my godchildren (Catherine and Amelia) and her other children (Joseph, Julia and Mary Jane).  Aubrey spent her time with Joseph, Julia and Mary Jane.Girls water fun  Joshua was completely oblivious to anyone other then Patrick.  It is so cute how they go from morning to bed inseparable.  We see them briefly for meals and only because Patrick gets hungry.boys waterslide fun  Max likes to play with/annoy/whack and tease Catherine.  And finally for her own safety we keep baby Amelia within our arms reach.

Wednesday was Joseph 10th Birthday WOOOOHOOOO!!!  Happy Birthday Joseph!!!  We stayed very late enjoying a dinner out and then cake at their place.  My children and I dragged ourselves in at about 12:25….yes after midnight.

Thursday I had agreed to bring Lilly, one of our goats and mama Hen with her clutch of chicks to St. Madeleine’s Bible Camp.  Everyone had a great time even the goat.  Lilly was treated to cheery coke, watermelon and some pretzel sticks.Lilly Drinking Cherry Coke  In return she let all the children take a turn at milking.  The boys would not make helpful milkers….they prefered trying to squirt each other.  That afternoon the Lord, through my good friend Jerra, answered my prayer for a pool in which to teach my boys to swim.  Jerra’s family is upgrading to a huge, sunken, above ground pool and thought I might like their last year’s SandNSun quick setup pool.  At 15×4 it is awesome.  Jerra was so generous and incredible that not only did she give us the pool but she delivered it and helped set it up.  Thank you Jerra!  It will be used daily.

Friday the kids went back to Bible camp while I ran home to do dishes and other much needed stuff like….checking email.  After I picked them up we ran an errand and then drove an hour to visit Ashley and her children, Danner, Kelly and my godson Torrin.  We had a very nice time. I always enjoy a chance to hang out with Ashley.

Today, Saturday was Pat’s scheduled rip down the drywall in the main family room.  Our house was originally built in 1930.   The original tongue and groove walls were at some point covered with drywall and wallpapered.  The original tongue and groove wood ceiling was covered with mismatched square ceiling tiles.  And the once beautiful wood floor was left to a water leak.  Today, while I ran to set up the chapel at church for a Baptism, Pat got things ready so that by the time I got home and my bro-in-love, Jason arrived, everything was ready for demolition.  They removed all the ceiling and wall drywall and then they embarked on the tedious removal of the staples used to hold up the tiled ceiling.  I, the great helper, watched them.  Hey, I also watched the kids in the pool.  Thanks again Jerra.Pool Fun  I am thrilled to announce Pat has agreed to salvage the ceiling and walls.  Only the floor must be covered with a new wood looking laminate.  Living RoomJust in case football season sneaks up on us. Pat is reconnecting the TV  :-P   Hopefully soon I will add a post on the renovations we have done so far with before and after pics.  Oh, the blue siding on the left was origially the outside siding on a front porch that was enclosed many, many years ago and hidden behind the drywall.

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5 Responses to Long Week

  1. jerra says:

    we are so glad you guys will enjoy the pool. you and your family do so much for others. I cant make it to Jessicas today the pool guy is coming but please let me know when yall get together again we all look forward to it.

  2. You are the greatest my friend, bugs and all ;) Heee Heee

  3. CWALK31 says:

    Love the site! Need a job?


  4. CWALK31 says:

    By the way here is our family website if you would like to link to it.

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