Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!  I hope you all had a wonderful run of Holidays.  At our house the Holiday Season began November 12th, with our 13th wedding anniversary.  What seemed like moments later We were hosting Thanksgiving for between 35 and 40, including us.  Next stop Aubrey’s birthday and party.  Next Patrick’s birthday then wham Christmas eve.  I usually do a “casual Christmas eve meal with some family and then open up Christmas day for family and friends.  This year was pretty quiet.  Christmas eve found us with my sister Jessica and her family (9 plus one in the womb), my dad, my mother-in-law (OK, Granny is really Jessica’s mother-in-law but she shares nice), and my bro-in-law Brad…(OK, again, he is Jessica’s bro-in-law but hey we’re all family :-)   We had a very nice day and dinner.  After eating Granny and Brad headed off to their next stop and Jessica and I got our kids ready for Mass.  After Mass we came back here for family present time.  And then the Kenny’s, Nick, Lorrie and Michaela stopped by on there way to midnight Mass (actually it was at 11:30).  Finally, bed….. I blinked, then it was morning.  The children enjoyed opening the usual excessive number of presents.  I always enjoy having my dad here for Christmas morning.  Even though we let him  sleep in while we opened presents just knowing he was here brought many of my own happy Christmas mornings flooding back.  And around 12:30 Jessica, her crew and their friend, from church, Gloria, came over.  At 2pm sharp :-) Fr. Sebastian made it and soon after dinner was ready.  Everything turned out very nice. 

Finally New Years came and wooohooo, Pat and I made it.  We actually stayed awake until after midnight :-) .  You know your getting old when you can’t remember the last time you saw the ball fall on New years eve.

OK, I started the above post very early in January and here I am trying to finish it on January 24th.  Wow, where did the time go.  I really wanted to write about my friend Tammy and her incredible gift.  The gift she has is an incredible talent for all things art.  Really, if it is an art form, she can master it.  She makes cakes that are noting short of spectacular.  Her water colors are amazing.  Her jewelry exquisite.  And her ideas never ending.  I have to admit my very favorite creations are her Saints dolls.  Yes, I love her costom made swords and shileds.  She even make “girl” ones in the shape of butterflies.  My boys bang their swords and shields around and they still look new.  Each with the artwork specific to their devotions and Saints names.  However, the Saints dolls are universal.  Boys, girls, men, women, couples grandparents, godparents, baptisms, weddings, confirmations, Holyorders, who ever the person and whatever the occasion there is a special Saint doll/statue that is exactly perfect.

When Mindy died (see ) she sent me St. Roch with a white dog at his side.  St Roch is the Patron Saint of Dogs.  She also sent St. Fransis of Assissi, you know how he felt about animals. 


Anyway, on my mantle we have our “personal” Saints.  St. Susanna and St. Patrick are situated infront of our Wedding Candle.  While St. Aberic (ever see a Saint Aberic? He was and italian Martyr in China) is in front of Aubrey’s Baptismal Candle.  Joshua O.T. is in front of Joshua’s and St Maximilan Kolbe stands before Max’s candle.

mantel2.jpg     mantel4.jpg

 We also have our “to play with” collection with duplicates of the above mentioned Saints plus a Nativity with Mary, Joseph and the Baby Jesus, St Thomas, St. Pio, St. Anne, St. Bernadette, St. Therese (the little Flower), and Bl. Teresa of Calcutta.  Aubrey has a little First Communion Aubrey (with matching First Communion dress) that we used as a cake topper for her first communion.

Although, I have begged her for almost 3 years, she has finally just relented and has agreed to sell her dolls online, where everyone has an opportunity to love and enjoy these incledible little gifts.  Do I sound like a comercial?  Well, you will find no appology from me :-) .  I am so happy that so many will be able to finally benefit from a gift that God gave Tammy that she is using for His glory.  You can order your own little Saint doll… or sword and shield set at 

I will hopefully get a chance to post about Tammy and her creations again soon.  For now I have to get back to the children.  The boys are throwing their bodies around my livingroom furniture, shooting at imaginary bad guys and being shot by them.  Augh boys :-)

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  1. goodmansgirl says:

    Cute. Hopefully Tammy will get a bunch of visits to her store…I’m going right now…

  2. Carrie says:

    it is about time you post something. Glad the you had lots of family around. You were only missing the most important one. Me and mine

  3. Jane Ramsey says:

    This is awesome. Ever since I saw yours I’ve been wanting to get some, too…and now I can! Yay! :-)

  4. the figurines looks nice and really hand made. personalized figurines are always seem to have a special value in our display shelves. its not only their sentimental value that makes them special but also the person who gave it to us plus the occasion when we recieve it that makes it so priceless.

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