new chicken coop

Our good friends, Judy and Jake, brought us a chicken coop Jake made for us using an old broken trampoline.  It is awesome!!!  He installed wheels that Joshua can lift into place himself.  It has a huge large handle so that two people together can push it around (Pat can do it himself, but Aubrey and I need each other).  It is so solid the children can climb over the top of it.  No, they are not allowed to.  The chickens are so happy to have the freedom to fly up and perch high above the ground again.  Let me explain, our chickens were all free ranged, however they have a strong brooding (sitting on eggs so they hatch into chicks) instinct I was not getting any eggs and ended up with too many inbred chicks and not enough eggs.  Anyway,  we captured all of them while my sister Carrie was still here on vacation and put them in  whatever little cages we could find or make, waiting for the new coop to be built.  Well, it is 3 xs bigger then I ever dreamed.  The chickens are so happy flapping and running and jumping digging and hidding in the weeds.  The coop is a work of art.  Jake says he signed it but that we would never find it :-P   I apologize that it looks so dirty in the pictures.  The roofing material has been in a pile waiting for a project like this since we had our house roof redone.  Why didn’t I just hose it off before the pics?  Was I too lazy in this nasty Florida Summer heat?  Ok, yes a bit, but mostly it is becasue we have some construction going on.  I did not want to wet the guys or their stuff while washing off the sides and back of the coop.  Yes, I could wait until they leave, then wash it, then take the pics, then blog, but noooooo I am an instant gratification type person so enjoy the mud.




Jake is working on a second smaller coop for Joshua’s very special Bantam chickens.  They are very special because our good friends Vic and Minnie gave them to him.  Sadly, Minnie passed away a few weeks ago, before we had picked up the chicks.  The speckled one is particularly special to me because it reminds me of Minnie’s favorite, Speckles.  We named it Minnie.  When we get a bantam rooster we will name him Vic.  We hope they will have many chicks and live happily ever after.



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  1. Cheri says:

    Ditto Jessica…very cool! You could sell the design.

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