Although I am usually a huge fan of the rain (when I was younger I couldn’t wait to get home from work, change into comfy dark clothes and head out to take my dog, Shades, for a walk in the rain); today has really been a little too much.

10January 296 10January 295 10January 291

Marcus and Badger, who are even bigger fans of the rain than I am, had enough; they dug out of the pasture and sought refuge on the front porch.  Apparently digging a HUGE hole in your dog house, Badger, is not good, proper, prior, planning, unless you were going for an “indoor” pool.  When the rain lets up Aubrey and I are going to go fill it back in so they don’t feel the need to escape again.

10January 289

The cat has spent the non-stop storms resting comfortably among the school room books and… birds.

10January 287

The boys are feeling a little penned in.  They had hoped to spend their free time, after school, protecting us again from marauding “bad guys” out on the trampoline.  Aubrey has kept busy doing school and reading in her room to her hearts content.  She also gave Twig a bath.

Lilly and Edelweiss, our goats, have wisely chosen to stay in their little goat house, although they insist upon standing near the door so that they can be in sight of our house.  Only Beef the cow does not feel the rain is sufficiently bothersome to prevent him from eating his hay.

10January 299 10January 302

I thought cold wet day equals warm soft fresh bread. Mmmmmmmm.  A little honey butter and tea, ahhh heavenly.

10January 274

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