Pot of Gold

To the casual observer this may appear to simply be a cute, retro, mini crock of butter.  Not to me.  To me it is a pot of gold.  This gold was produced by the efforts of sweet KC.  Not to mention an hour + of my every morning; I am still adjusting to hand milking the much smaller teats of a cow, so a few minute project is still taking me a very long time.  The first few days I barely milked a 1/4-1/3 gallon of milk.  Saturday and Sunday it was up to a solid 1/2 gallon.  As of this morning, Monday, it was a bit over 3/4 of a gallon.  The coolest part is that almost a full half of it has been cream.

What is my sweet little cow consuming to produce such a wonderful nourishing product?  Perennial Peanut hay and Alfalfa.  Not peanut hay, a by product of the peanut industry, but rather perennial peanut hay.  It is considered “Florida Alfalfa”.  If you are interested in learning a bit more about the benefits of perennial peanut hay as livestock feed a good place to start is the Florida Agriculture web site.  I am currently searching for affordable, quality perennial peanut hay.  If you happen to be a perennial peanut hay farmer please call me with a great deal.  For that matter, if you are an alfalfa farmer needing a place to sleep on your way south to deliver alfalfa, my property could be your motel, in exchange for a bit of your load :-)

I wish you could all come over to have a slice of warm homemade bread lathered in KC made sweet-cream butter.  Mmmmmm, I have to go get baking. :-)

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