We love 4H Camp

This year I signed the kids up for a few of the Alachua County 4H day camps.  Aubrey and Amelia enjoyed sewing camp a few weeks ago.  Aubrey, Joshua, and Max had a great day making an assortment of cool crafts last week.  Today we are joining with some other 4H families for a field trip to the U of F’s Entomology Dept.  Next week Joshua will be going with a friend to 4H’s Butterfly camp.  Aubrey is also scheduled for a gun safety camp next month.

A few years ago I sent Aubrey to Butterfly camp at both the Museum (more money than you even want to try to picture) and the Butterfly camp with 4H ($15 for a week of 1/2 days).  The pricey camp sent home a few coloring pages, and an explanation that pinning a butterfly is just to difficult for children to do.  In sharp contrast the very inexpensive 4H camp sent home a beautifully pinned gorgeous Luna Moth, with her cocoon, a 5 gallon custom painted bucket filled with butterfly garden plants (many are still alive today with their offspring all around them), a touch-less bug catcher, some other little things, and a great experience with some really nice kids.  Hands down the best value for the money is a day-camp with 4H.

Aubrey and her brothers took these pictures at 4H’s Craft Camp.

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2 Responses to We love 4H Camp

  1. Julia says:

    That sounds like fun !!!

  2. Kirsten says:

    You all do have the best 4H program there. One of the benefits of living near UF.

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