North Central Florida!!!

The weather here has been nothing short of incredible.  We have had blue skies and between 35-65 degrees.  Cold in the morning and evening and very comfortable all day.  As a result of this awesome weather we have been inspired to enjoy the beautiful outdoors.  Yesterday after school and while Pat was still trapped at work :-P  Papa, the children, Twig, and I headed over to O’Leno State Park for a hike and quick ride on the slide.

As you can see, Papa knows how to really stick the landing fom the uneven bars and wow, does he know how to get the most speed from the slide.  The one picture of Papa laughing is when, after we caught up to him resting on a lookout dock, he told the boys how they “just missed it”, when he got there “two alligators were fighting over a bear” (the children have quickly adjusted to knowing 99 of what Papa says is NOT true).

Today Pat started a mini vacation.  To celebrate, we headed out for a family bike ride.  I am not sure how much Twig enjoyed the adventure, but the rest of us had a wonderful time.  Oh and yes, that is my bike in the back of Pat’s was up hill riding home and the baby seat was too much for my very out of shape legs (that’s my story and I am sticking to it :-P )Because I have yet to figure out how to have two “galleries” in one post I have had to add the bike pictures to the above O’leno “gallery” :-P  Augh!  Jessica help!!!  :-(

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  1. Kirsten says:

    Wow, do I miss you guys!! I loved looking at your pictures. Glad you are blogging again!!

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