Orlando Mini-Trip

Our friends, Rick and Kim, invited us to stay with them and their family in their time-share here in Orlando Florida.

What a beautiful resort.  The first day here we were able to take a dip in the pool; ok the kids took a dip in the pool while Kim, Rick and I stayed warm and dry.  The wind was cold, but apparently the water was heated a bit.  The children had a wonderful time together.  Joshua liked the slide, while Aubrey liked the waterfall.  Max just enjoyed the “beach” area with his friends Sarah and Patrick (Patpat my godson).  Rick took some video while Kim and I chatted poolside.  What a great way to start our mini-vacation.

The next morning we headed over to Downtown Disney.  We reluctantly did not go into any of the parks, because the kids and I are saving for Florida resident passes.  Heeheehee, if anyone wants to donate seasonal passes to Disney for the kids and I feel free to send them or the money, I have a paypal account all set up :-)  We all enjoyed the sights and the ferry ride from one side to the other.  Joshua and Max finished their Christmas money in the Lego Store, while Aubrey prudently saved her money, only splurging $4 on a fancy Dark Chocolate Mint.  I, of course, lost all self control and bought each of us a matching t-shirt.  No, I did not buy it full Disney price :-P I picked them up at Target.  Remember I am still trying to save for Disney tickets.  We took pictures with my favorite princess, Sleeping Beauty.  Have you noticed how much my husband looks like her Prince Philip?  Coincidence? I think not.  We also took pictures with Patpat’s beloved pirates and of the ferry ride.

Day three involved walking around Old Town.  Rick bought cotton candy for the kids (even the biggest kid….ummm me… had some – mmmm delicious spun sugar) and we peeked in several of the shops.  Yes, I did control myself.  As we walked into each store I chanted Disney tickets, Disney tickets…  It helped keep my hands out of my wallet.  After our nice walk we headed back to the resort to just lounge around.  The boys played pillow fight with Sarah and Patpat while Aubrey played a game online with her friends in KY.  After a wonderful dinner we went outside to take some family and just for fun pictures (boohoo, Pat I missed you ).  Joshua was so proud of his jumping shot he wanted Aubrey to do one with him too. (see images below)

Aubrey and I just finished packing up to head home tomorrow.  This was such a great little get away.  I thoroughly enjoyed spending time with our friends Rick and Kim.  We stayed up laughing way too late last night and are crashing very early tonight.  The only really sad part is that I missed Pat :-( Vacations, even mini-ones are always best when he comes too.

Here is a whole gallery of pictures of our trip.

Thank you Rick and Kim for such a wonderful get away.  Thank you Papa and Pat for taking care of the inside dogs!  Thank you Libby for taking care of the livestock and Badger!  Without all of you we could not have made these great memories!

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  1. Pat says:

    Very Nice. Who is this Prince Phillip guy? Does he play football for some obscure team or something?

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