Mark Shea’s “Words Written in Trembling”

I was moved after reading this article by Mark Shea to add my comment posted below.

Although my own experience differs, in that I would miscarry baby after baby (at least 5 that we know of) I am too familiar with the struggle of becoming pregnant only to end with empty arms. I was forced to ask God “Should we be practicing NFP to avoid conceiving children that are merely destined to die in my womb? The answer startled me. The Lord brought me to the same conviction your wife offers us here in this article. No, I should not deny God the right to bless us with an eternal soul based on the fact that it may not spend much time here on Earth with us before he/she goes on to be with our Lord.

A speaker at a homeschool convention put it best when she said, while explaining her own 2 miscarriages, that “as parents our number one responsibility is to raise our children to know, love, and serve God, so as to spend eternity with Him in Heaven. If our goal is to raise children for Eternity in Heaven, job done, 2 there, 7 to go.”

Everyday is a gift. We have many friends and family who have well outlived their children. Yes, it is quite possibly the most painful cross to bare, however none of them would wish to go back and never conceive the child that they had to witness pass away at 6, 17, 24, 37 or 52 years old. It is not for us to judge how long someone must live in order for their lives to have been of “value”.

Another young lady (maybe 20 years old) at a convention touched my heart forever when she told me “the Lord must have something awesome planned for you to have allowed you to create so many souls spending their time before His throne praying for you”. Wow, out of the mouths of babes. These souls are not dead they are alive praying for their parents, their siblings, their family before God Himself.

Nicholas, Elizabeth, John, Mary, and Joseph W. pray for us.

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