Joshua’s Gift Continues

Last fall Joshua caught a gift for me.  He caught a preying mantid, my “favorite bug” of all time.  Anyway, within a few minutes of her captivity she began to lay a beautiful egg sac.  As soon as she completed it we released her on the chance she could do it again in the wild, providing us with more “prey” for next year.  Anyway, I kept her little package safe and comfortable all winter.  On Wednesday or Thursday after a few weeks of warmer indoor weather I put the jar in the window and……woooohooooo!!!  They hatched on Friday!!!

We immediately ran into Gainesville for food to feed our new pets and discovered a great little reptile shop right next door to a nice fish shop.  We went into the fish shop first because we were there 10 minutes before the reptile shop opened.  Anyway,  at the reptile shop, we enjoyed meeting Flash the tortoise and we enjoyed watching a huge African BullFrog eat a dead mouse.  After a thorough tour of the store we took our flightless-fruit-flies home to meet Manny and Mantida 1-50.

We released a few Mantids into the yard during the transfer to a new enclosure and the feeding process.  They are now “happy” in their new, temporary home (as they grow so will their home).  I witnessed one of them enjoying his/her first, out of the egg, meal.  He/she seemed very pleased with the menu.

Here are a couple of pictures.

Thanks Joshua!!!  I love my newest critters!!!

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3 Responses to Joshua’s Gift Continues

  1. Karen says:

    Neat pictures! Glad you’re enjoying the bugs!
    Also, I should get a gold star for visiting your blog. I am terrible at reading blogs.
    God bless you.

  2. jessica says:

    Please tag Kirsten for me. I was limited to five and I figured I could count on you to tag her.

  3. jessica says:

    woops forgot the link…

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