Lent Project Complete

This year’s Lenten Project again involves the Stations of the Cross.  In previous years we have created a indoor Stations involving a beautiful piece of wood, images of the Stations, 12 candle stick holders, 12 candles, a small wooden cross, and a nice rock.  This year we went all out and made outdoor Stations of the Cross.  It was a family project.  The children and I colored the pictures, painted posts, and varnished the Stations, Dad bought the supplies, and Papa prepared and set up the posts and gave great lessons on painting and varnishing.  Hopefully Father Sebastian will have a chance to stop by and bless our work.

On Good Friday we will have some friends and family over to pray the Stations with us.  We will be using a wonderful little devotional of the Stations that I “fond” this year, Walk New a Way of the Cross For Teens.

Sadly, we have done very little of my planned Lenten acctivities.  This week, however, begins my favorite week of the year.  From Palm Sunday to Easter everyday has wonderful opportunities to worship and adore God, love, enjoy, live, and teach the faith, and powerful moments to encourage true conversion of hearts.

Monday evening we will attend our parish “Seder Meal” this meal is run by an incredible man, Deacon Zmuda.  He presents to us the symbolism in each moment of the Passover as Jesus would have experienced it.

Tuesday we will enjoy time with our friends and continue our book, The Imitation of Christ for Children.

Wednesday, is, woohoo, the Chrism Mass at the Cathedral in St. Augustine!  We will participate in the Mass (it is the first year Joshua will be able to process in with the other altar servers), enjoy a nice lunch, visit the Shrine of Our Lady of La Leche at Mission de Dios (not to mention shopping in their “gift shop”, and end the day running through God’s beautiful creation at the beach.

Thursday will begin with Easter food shopping and house cleaningthen to celebrate the Mass of Our Lord’s Supper.  I hope/assume their will be Adoration afterward, so that we may follow the request of Christ to His friends, that we spend one hour with Him.

Friday we will have friends and family over to enjoy a lunch of pretzels, pray the Stations of the Cross, and end with going to church to participate in the Lord’s Passion Liturgy.

Saturday, other than a baseball game, will be a quiet day to rest in the Lord and a relaxed day of preperation for Easter’s joyful celebration.  We will end the day preparing our yearly “Empty Tomb” cookies.

Sunday will be a joyful celebration with family and friends beginning at Mass, worshiping God with our parish family.  Continuing with food, fellowship, and fun at our house, including an Easter egg hunt.

May God bless you all with a prayerful, holy, peaceful, wonderful, joyful Holy Week, Triuium, and Easter.  Amen

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4 Responses to Lent Project Complete

  1. Kirsten says:

    They turned out beautiful!! When we finally get our own home will you help us put some up? Can’t wait to see them and you!!!

  2. I love your stations of the cross! It sounds like you have a nice Holy Week and Easter planned!

  3. PS, Thanks for your suggestion to read the book on St. Catherine, Lay Siege to Heaven. I am really enjoying it!

  4. kim says:

    If I ever get out of the suburbs (lol) and have space I think the Stations would be an awesome project to do. It’s really pretty–turned out incredible.

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