The Lord Is Risen!!!

Holy Week, I love Holy Week.  It is by far my favorite week of the year.  Although I usually have grand plans for Lent, seldom do I follow through, seldom do I get past the first 2 days before I forget this devotion, or we don’t have time for that one.  Holy Week however is different.  Maybe because it is really only a few days.  For us the focus begins on Wednesday when we make our annula pilgramage to St. AUgustine, to the Catherdral where we have the opportunity to participate in the Chrism Mass.  This year was extra special because it was the first year Joshua was there as an altar boy.  In our Diocese any altar server that would like to participate is welcome to come dressed in their parish altar server robes and process in before the priests of the Diocese and the Bishop.  Joshua was so cute, he paid careful attention to everything happening, not to mention he looked adorable. (see pictures below)   After the Mass we ran into the Shrine of our Lady of La Leche’s gift shop.  Sadly there were too many of us hungry to spend much time shopping.  After that Lunch at Denny’s.  St. Augustine has a very friendly Denny’s.  No matter how many children we bring in all the waitresses smile and seem happy to see us.  Next, the Beach!!!  (See pictures below)  We did not get home until after 10pm :-)

Holy Thursday we participated in the Lord’s Supper Mass.  Joshua had the opportunity to serve and loved every moment ( I wish I could explain more but I am starting to run very behind my Ham will never be done in time for dinner if I don’t hurry this up a bit.)  It was an beautiful night.

On Friday, day 2 of the Triduum, Good Friday, I was listening to the local Christian music radio station and was saddened to hear the lady say “Imagine where would we be without Easter”.  Why was I sad?  Because here it was Good Friday, the day the Lord Jesus said is why He came into the world, to suffer and die for our sins, yet on the anniversary of this unimaginable sacrifice, not by some regular man, but by God Himself for us His mere creatures there was no mention of the cross, there was only happy anticipation of the Resurection.  Without Good Friday there would be no Easter.

Dear Jesus, thank You for Your sacrifice, for Your gift of the cross.  Thank You for Your Church, the Church that does not pick and choose the “fun” things to celebrate, but by example calls us to remember, to celebrate ALL that God, the Holy Trinity has done and said.  Dear Lord we love you.  Dear Lord we need you.  Dear Lord Jesus thank you.  Dear Lord Jesus come in glory.

Good Friday was greeted by the arrival of friends we have not seen in 6 years and Kim and her crew :-) .  All of us, including Papa, enjoyed the fruits of Spring, that’s another post :-) , the Stations of the Cross, and then we caravaned to St. Madeleine’s for the Veneration of the Cross service.  What an awesome day!

Thank you dear Lord for sending us these wonderful friends.  I am so greatful that you sent Kim to me this year.  Although we had been “friends” for years, I thank You for sending her back into my life, that our friendship fills my life with joy.  Thank you for her children that are such special friends for my boys.  Thank you for the gift of old friends refound.  I am especially grateful that although they do not live locally, they do live close enough that we can arnge to meet up occasionally, giving Aubrey a chance to have some “girl time” and Joshua to have some “big boy time”.

That brings us to today, Easter.  Happy, holy Easter!!!  Last night we went to the Easter Vigil.  Funny how all year I remember the Vigil Mass as being soo long.  Maybe it is because the last Vigil Mass we attended I had a very young Joshua and baby Max.  Anyway this year, although the number of minutes was the same, it seemed to pass quickly, with each moment as precious as the moment before.  The children and I loved starting Mass outside with the fire and the lighting of the Pascale Candle.  The procession in and the Old Testament readings in the dark were powerful reminders of the darkness in the world before the coming of Christ Jesus, the Light of the World.  The powerful image of the lights coming on as we sang the Gloria and celebrated the coming of Jesus! Wow!  Awesome!  Joshua again had the opportunity to serve our Lord at the Altar and again was mesmerized by all the activity, all the love offer to God through the Liturgy.  Again see pictures below.  I would gladly explain every moment but my ham is still in the refrigerator and none of the bread are even on their first rise.  Between Joshua serving our Lord sooo reverently and Max falling asleep, heehee, it was incredible.  Aubrey is not pictured because, well, she behaved as awesomely as she has her entire life :-P

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2 Responses to The Lord Is Risen!!!

  1. kim says:

    Awww! What a nice post!! I love how the first pic at the stations we all look…unprepared…but look at Max & Patrick. ;) Cuteness.
    This was a Lent & Easter season that will stand out to me in my old age–in great part cause of the Webster family. :D I am so so grateful this year.
    P.S. Love the photos.

  2. darcee says:

    Really nice pictures. Happy and Blessed Easter.

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