Ha, I am not the only one!

Today I googled for any other preying mantid enthusiasts and I found http://mantidforum.net/ .  I have enjoyed looking around at some of the other posts, blogs, and youtube channels by these neat people.  I was excited to find so many other “normal” people enjoying the incredible diversity of creatures the Lord created for our amusement.

You may remember my post about Joshua’s awesome gift to his mom http://thewebsterfamily.com/2011/03/27/joshuas-gift-continues/

Those itty bitty mantids have thinned in number, but have grown huge.  One of them is almost done growing another is close on her heals and the last two could be identical twins. Here are some recent pictures of one of my “babies”.

Have I mentioned we have another new cool critter?  If it is a girl (too young to tell) her name is Shelob…..can you guess what it is?  If it is a boy we will call him Mirkwood.

She is a chaco golden knee tarantula.  She will eventually look like

This last picture was taken at a great pet shop in Gainesville http://www.hogtownreptileshop.net/ They host a monthly children’s “open house”.  It was great fun.  We saw and held everything from huge scorpians to the most adorable kikachu (sp?) as seen here The pictures of my kids holding it are all blurry :-(

Anyway, the staff was very knowledgeable and friendly.  I love this shop.

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