Open Book

One of the great things about living my life as an open book is that my friends know me, really know me. For instance they know I would sacrifice even my Disney tickets to be there if they needed me. They know that even if my house is trashed and I am grumpy I will smile and welcome them for a visit with open arms. They know I am often not the person I want to be, but that I know it. My friends know that if their children find a cool exotic looking bug I will cheer and google it for them. My friends know I hate to answer the question “job title” with “house wife”, because I am a terrible house wife. Really, I am not sure how old the dish at the very bottom of the sink is. My friends also know I have a very OCD personality and that when I am focused on something I am very focused on it.
Why is this great? Presents!!!! Did I mention I can be very materialistic? Heehee! Yesterday, Sharon, a friend whose husband works for Disney brought me official, real Disney cast member binders. Today my friend, Lorrie brought me the cutest hand soap dispenser.

Being an open book can be humbling, but it also allows me to know my friends love me, the real me and that is priceless.

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  1. goodman's girl says:

    Haha! The soap is so cute-haven’t seen that.

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