Well, we have returned from our quick trip to Snellville, Georgia where Aubrey competed in her first travel competition. It was hosted by Archery Learning Center. The competition began with sign in and practice Friday afternoon (Friday evening we had an awesome treat seeing my extended family, but more on that in another post).  Saturday, Aubrey’s scheduled start time was at 1pm. The shoot was 20 ends of 3 arrows at 25 meters(I am still learning the lingo so if I did not get that right sorry). Aubrey scored 471 points for the gold!!! The silver medalist finished with 409 points.  Then off to Mass (maybe more on that later). On Sunday the “children” were scheduled to begin a fun competition called the “Quest for the Best” where they shoot 3 arrows per end until someone get 6 points (or above if breaking a tie) to be “The Best”.  It was a lot of fun watching this exciting competition.  It was a fight to the finish, but finally in “overtime” Aubrey won!

Although Patrick and I were so proud and excited (I could have burst) there is no doubt that after Aubrey this victory belongs to Papa. Since Aubrey began archery almost 10 months ago, it has been Papa that has driven her to and from her classes, it has been Papa that has taken her day after day to practice at our facility at the Easton Newberry Sports complex, it has been Papa that has helped to control my Disney mania so that Aubrey would not be “away” from archery for too many days in a row, and it has been Papa that has kept me “on task” getting Aubrey the equipment she needed at each stage of her learning.  So Aubrey achieved gold and “the Best” for her division because God has given her a gift, because she is focused and takes her passion for archery seriously, and because her Papa loves this special “thing” they share.  Papa is officially the Archery Papa, Aubrey’s assistant archery coach, and also the Newberry JOAD Club WebMaster.

It was an awesome experience.  We met and made new friends, we “hung out” with friends from our JOAD team, and gained valuable experience for the next travel competition.

Here are some pictures of the event…

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  1. Kirsten says:

    wooo hooo!!!! Way to go Aubrey!!!! We are so proud of you!!! and papa to ;0)

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