Where is my Baby?

With my fertility issues and the fact that I am now almost 41 years old, it is unlikely we will be blessed with another child. The result of this reality is that each milestone Max passes is most likely our last. Today, just 14 days before his First Holy Communion, Max lost his top left front tooth. It is not his first lost tooth, but it is the first top front tooth to go.

It is with mixed emotions that I celebrate this special right of passage. On the one hand I am very proud of the strong, affectionate, sweet, funny, tough, all boy, young man, Max is becoming. On the other hand his childhood is slipping by so fast.

As Aubrey has grown time seemed to speed up, but now it feels as if it is spiraling out of control. Why when our children are young, and the experiences we are having are the most valuable, do they speed by so fast?



This morning our parish family joined together for Mass, we began with our May crowning. This year was particularly moving: my youngest child, Max brought flowers up to put at the feet of the Blessed Mother, my middle child, Joshua served Our Lord on the altar, and my oldest, Aubrey spent some time snuggling with her godson, Joseph.

I find myself reflecting on the life of Our Lord, Jesus. How Mary must have savored each of His milestones. I love the way scripture expresses it, “and His mother kept all these things in her heart.” Each of these moments with my children seems to slip by so quickly. Our lives are so hurried, we run from one event or function to another, we barely have time to note the passing of time, much less take the time to carefully pack memories lovingly into our hearts.

My dear Blessed Mother, when Our Lord, as a tiny baby, looked up at you and cooed what joy your heart must have felt. Kissing His sweet tiny baby toes and snuggling Him into you as He nursed, such precious moments packed lovingly into your, His mother’s heart. Knowing your son, your baby boy is the Son of God must have made those moments feel all the more fleeting. Help me, dear Mother to take each moment, savor it, and keep it always in my heart.” Amen

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