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Little League

Joshua’s first little league season has come to an end.  It was an awesome season.  Although Joshua started out the season as one of the little guys, he progressed quickly to a valued member of the team.  He still needs … Continue reading

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The Greathouse Butterfly Farm

If you have ever spent a few minutes with me you know I love all things critter. Yes, including bugs ! I love bugs and I am not ashamed of it. Insects in their innumerable colors, shapes, and behaviors always … Continue reading

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Little sins?

I hope that when I am tempted to commit “little” sins I will remember this story and repent from even having considered them little. Thank you Jennifer for reminding us how big little sins really are.  How we must … Continue reading

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Dissections on the Farm

I remember dissecting a few things in middle school and a few in High School, nothing emotionally difficult like a cat or anything, mostly worms and toads. I don’t remember finding the insides anything like the diagram said I should. … Continue reading

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Vacation in Destin Florida

Having grown up in South Florida, the beach has never really been a vacation destination.  After living in Central North Florida for 4.5 years, I was ready to devote a vacation to the beach.  Instead of heading to the East … Continue reading

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K-9 Tribute

While watching this beautiful tribute to our countries K-9 partners I found myself thinking about the wisdom of God.  Not only did he create us in a beautiful environment with incredible sights, smells, tastes, and sensations but He also created such incredible … Continue reading

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new chicken coop

Our good friends, Judy and Jake, brought us a chicken coop Jake made for us using an old broken trampoline.  It is awesome!!!  He installed wheels that Joshua can lift into place himself.  It has a huge large handle so … Continue reading

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Max at the movies

Tonight we went to Priest Theater to see Ice Age 3.  We love Priest Theater.  The prices are great, there is a dress and behavior code, and it is run completely by family (3rd or 4th generation down).  It has … Continue reading

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We have chickens.  They are supposed to produce eggs for us.  For the last week they have done just that; however, we only have 2 adult egg layers, the rest are too young.  I say “for the last week” because … Continue reading

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Aunt Carrie is visiting!!!

Here are a few quick shots of our summer visit with Aunt Carrie and her children, Gabby and Blake.  I will add more soon.

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