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Good Excuse?!?

This week has been a bit of trouble for the boys.  Apparently watering the goats/cows is an unreasonable burden for Max and the chickens are not worth it to Joshua.  Today I sent Max out to water the animals before Mass, … Continue reading

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Gone to the Dogs

Even if you only have 15 seconds click the play button below.  This video is for anyone who has ever owned a dog, owns a dog, will own a dog, dreams of owning a dog, or knows someone with a … Continue reading

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Waining Summer

This morning as I look out my school room window all seems so quiet, so peaceful, so slow moving.  The cows are gently moving as they adjust their weight to grab a mouthful of grass from a little further away. … Continue reading

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Movie Star?

Nope, he isn’t a movie star.  It is just Twig or Twiggy (to those who love him ) held by his “agent” Aubrey.

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Field-trip to the Dairy

I had wanted to post this sooner, but life got in the way.  Since today poor Pat and Joshua are sick it feels like a great excuse to work on updating my blog.  I am not going to go too … Continue reading

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OK, let’s go back in time to soon after we got Badger.  Although I love Badger, he is a working live stock guard dog.  This has really become obvious since Marcus passed away.  For instance, working Live Stock Guard dogs … Continue reading

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Overdue post

Tuesday kicked off my favorite week of the year, Holy Week.  Tuesday night the brilliant, Deacon Zmuda presented for us the Passover Meal.  We enjoyed learning, tasting, and seeing the many very Catholic symbols throughout the mini-meal.  We finished with a potluck … Continue reading

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Pot of Gold

To the casual observer this may appear to simply be a cute, retro, mini crock of butter.  Not to me.  To me it is a pot of gold.  This gold was produced by the efforts of sweet KC.  Not to mention an … Continue reading

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I warned you many pics would follow :-)

Yesterday I threw two flakes of perennial peanut out to the animals (at least those in the pasture that would appreciate it).  They were all so pleased no one was rude to anyone else.  They blissfully shared their treasure.  Here are many pictures of … Continue reading

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KC aka Kirsten’s Cow

Augh, I finally have KC home and my camera batteries are dead and I can’t find the charger.  Augh, I took it on my trip to Alabama and now it is gone.  Well, I don’t want to wait another day … Continue reading

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