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Turning Points

Many weeks ago, I was approached, by email, to review a new Catholic book.  I was reluctant.  I wasn’t uncomfortable committing to read the book, I was uncomfortable committing to post a review.  Months before I was approached with a similar request … Continue reading

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Post cop-out? I don’t think so!

I know my posting is sporadic at best.  I frequently intend to post about my life, but my life gets in the way of my posting about my life.  Ah, the crosses I bear  Anyway, today instead of busily typing away writing a post … Continue reading

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Have you ever worked very hard pouring out your heart, your soul, your guts yet nothing, nada, it all fell on deaf ears, it was all for naught?  That is how I feel right now not to mention exhausted, cranky, and … Continue reading

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Joshua serves the Lord!

This morning Joshua served the Lord at Mass for the first time.  I did not want to be a distraction nor did I want to forget the important part (being at Mass to learn about, be with, and receive Jesus … Continue reading

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OK, let’s go back in time to soon after we got Badger.  Although I love Badger, he is a working live stock guard dog.  This has really become obvious since Marcus passed away.  For instance, working Live Stock Guard dogs … Continue reading

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Overdue post

Tuesday kicked off my favorite week of the year, Holy Week.  Tuesday night the brilliant, Deacon Zmuda presented for us the Passover Meal.  We enjoyed learning, tasting, and seeing the many very Catholic symbols throughout the mini-meal.  We finished with a potluck … Continue reading

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You Saw What?

I should begin with an explanation.  Our family is in the practice of praying every time we pass a cemetery for all the Holy Souls in Purgatory especially those that have been laid to rest in the specific cemetery we are passing.  We had been praying “Oh … Continue reading

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Aubrey runs….

This past weekend Aubrey ran in her first 5k. Although her loyal running companion, Marcus, passed away suddenly just days before, Badger stepped up to the plate and helped her successfully complete a 5k practice run around our neighborhood just … Continue reading

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Marcus is gone

Dear Lord we entrust you with our loyal companion Marcus.  We thank you for having given us this awesome creature of Yours, Marcus, for the time we had him.  We loved him and will miss him. St. Francis pray for … Continue reading

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Marcus #1 Dog ever needs prayers

Our dog Marcus is truly one of the most incredible animals the Lord ever created.  He is loyal to a fault.  He is devoted and dedicated to his job, watching over “his” goats and family (us).  On Sunday afternoon I … Continue reading

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