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How Homeschoolers…

visit the pediatrician.

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Finally it’s getting cold

Yesterday there was a tiny bit of ice on my windshield. Today we are enjoying school in front of a beautiful fire in our 81 year old fireplace. Of course being in Florida, cold is a relative term. Today was … Continue reading

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Happiness is…

…having a brother. An unexpected result of Joshua’s archery class is that Max has discovered, life is much more fun with his brother. Since Max could walk, I have loved watching my boys run around defending our property from all … Continue reading

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Disney Family Trip

In case you missed all my excitement you can read about it here… Disney Dreamin’ Post.  I had hoped our first family visit would ease some of my “Year of Disney” excitement, but NOPE, I can’t wait to get back there … Continue reading

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Disney Dreamin’

1971 was a great year.  On June 3rd I was born and on October 1st Disney World opened its doors to an adoring public.  Although I was not in attendance on that first grand opening day, I was there soon … Continue reading

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So Many Leads to None.

There have been so many wonderful posting opportunities that I have not had time to post any of them .  I hope to put up a post with a layout of this years huge Unit Study around Walt Disney World … Continue reading

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The Lord Is Risen!!!

Holy Week, I love Holy Week.  It is by far my favorite week of the year.  Although I usually have grand plans for Lent, seldom do I follow through, seldom do I get past the first 2 days before I … Continue reading

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Joshua’s Gift Continues

Last fall Joshua caught a gift for me.  He caught a preying mantid, my “favorite bug” of all time.  Anyway, within a few minutes of her captivity she began to lay a beautiful egg sac.  As soon as she completed … Continue reading

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Lent is Upon Us!

Time seems to be moving faster and faster.  Lent begins in only a few short days.  Are you ready? I am definitely not ready.  Although I am determined to make this Lent a holy spirit-filled experience for my family and I, I am overwhelmed … Continue reading

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Why Homeschool

Reason number 27 why we homeschool… Hmmm, this might inspire me to actually write a list of our reasons for having chosen homeschooling for our children.

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