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A bit late, but since I was inspired to post the entry below, I might as well play a bit with my new computer program and try posting a video. Several days ago we woke up to “Florida Snow”. It … Continue reading

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North Central Florida!!!

The weather here has been nothing short of incredible.  We have had blue skies and between 35-65 degrees.  Cold in the morning and evening and very comfortable all day.  As a result of this awesome weather we have been inspired … Continue reading

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Waining Summer

This morning as I look out my school room window all seems so quiet, so peaceful, so slow moving.  The cows are gently moving as they adjust their weight to grab a mouthful of grass from a little further away. … Continue reading

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New School Year!!!

New school year in July?!?!  Yup.  We actually school year round…sort of.  In the summer here it is so hot we can’t enjoy being outside unless we are in the springs or on river, so we do school.  We usually … Continue reading

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Pine-wood Derby Jacksonville Florida

Joshua’s little pine-wood derby car did so well here locally that we had the opportunity to take his car to Jacksonville for the race there.  Although his car did not place the experience was wonderful.  Max came prepared for any … Continue reading

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Field-trip to the Dairy

I had wanted to post this sooner, but life got in the way.  Since today poor Pat and Joshua are sick it feels like a great excuse to work on updating my blog.  I am not going to go too … Continue reading

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Overdue post

Tuesday kicked off my favorite week of the year, Holy Week.  Tuesday night the brilliant, Deacon Zmuda presented for us the Passover Meal.  We enjoyed learning, tasting, and seeing the many very Catholic symbols throughout the mini-meal.  We finished with a potluck … Continue reading

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Uniforms :-)

One of the things I would have loved about parochial Catholic school is the uniforms.  Yes, I know I can buy them at the uniform store in town, but have you priced them?!?  Not exactly cheep.  Not to mention we do not … Continue reading

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SHEAF Homeschool Group

Three years ago, here at our little country parish, we had an average of 70 kids in our homeschool group every Friday.  By last year, due in large p[art to the transient nature of living in Florida and in part … Continue reading

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Pinewood Derby, Alachua

Wooohooo, Joshua is number 1!!!  Although, Joshua’s pinewood derby car came in second last week when he competed against his own den.  This past Saturday, that same car was on fire!!!  It beat all the competition in his age group, … Continue reading

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