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I Refuse

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Vacation at North Florida Regional Medical Center

Some of the top reasons a stay in the hospital is better than a hotel…. Laying down when chatting is socially acceptable. Breakfast, lunch, AND dinner in bed. (Not to mention the bacon cooked to perfection.) Time to do nothing … Continue reading

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Nationals 2012 Ohio

I sat down to write a nice little post about our wonderful vacation that centered around Archery Nationals in Hamilton, Ohio, but my dad’s page says it all. Please click to read about and see pictures of our trip … Continue reading

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Where is my Baby?

With my fertility issues and the fact that I am now almost 41 years old, it is unlikely we will be blessed with another child. The result of this reality is that each milestone Max passes is most likely our … Continue reading

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Although, I also bought a turkey from Publix (my favorite supermarket), we are fortunate to have been gifted two awesome turkeys to add to our holiday meals. Yes, I will be butchering, plucking, and gutting “real” turkeys this year for … Continue reading

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Aunty Mary and Uncle Phil visit…

… time to party! We had such a great visit. My family, my Dad, and I love being one of their stops on the trip to and from MA. Aunt Mary and Uncle Phil, come back for Christmas and I’ll … Continue reading

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Disney Family Trip

In case you missed all my excitement you can read about it here… Disney Dreamin’ Post.  I had hoped our first family visit would ease some of my “Year of Disney” excitement, but NOPE, I can’t wait to get back there … Continue reading

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Open Book

One of the great things about living my life as an open book is that my friends know me, really know me. For instance they know I would sacrifice even my Disney tickets to be there if they needed me. … Continue reading

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Disney Dreamin’

1971 was a great year.  On June 3rd I was born and on October 1st Disney World opened its doors to an adoring public.  Although I was not in attendance on that first grand opening day, I was there soon … Continue reading

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So Many Leads to None.

There have been so many wonderful posting opportunities that I have not had time to post any of them .  I hope to put up a post with a layout of this years huge Unit Study around Walt Disney World … Continue reading

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