SHEAF Homeschool Group

SHEAF (Sacred Heart Eucharistic Adoration Family) Homeschool Group –

We are based out of St. Madeleine’s Catholic Church in High Springs, Florida. Serving the Diocese of St. Augustine’s central rural area.

We meet every Wednesday in High Springs, Florida. First Wednesdays (aka the first Wednesday of the month) we will meet for Mass, regrouping at the Webster’s for brunch and play time. We will then return to St. Madeleine’s for a children’s Holy Hour.

Second Wednesdays will be “Show and Tell”. This is actually a public speaking opportunity. The children can bring a toy, a work of art, a short story or poem, an instrument to perform for everyone, or anything else they would like to share with the group. It is important that we remind our children to be respectful while others are making their presentations.

Third Wednesdays will be the Teen (12 and up) book of the month, the younger children(8-12) book of the month and a child (0-8) Saint/Feast craft. We would like each family to take a turn planning and preparing the monthly craft.

Fourth Wednesdays will be play date or field trip. It is important to remind ourselves and our children that when on a fieldtrip we represent Catholic homeschoolers to those we meet. Let’s bring people to Christ by our behavior. We would appreciate it if each family would try to take a turn planning and organizing a filed trip.

For an explanation of our beliefs please read the Proffesion of Faith and the Oath of Fidelity as can be found here

Although younger siblings, and families with preschool aged children, are always welcome, it is expected that during presentations and other formal occasions that they sit as quietly as possible so as not to cause distraction from or of the presenter.

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