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Disney Family Trip

In case you missed all my excitement you can read about it here… Disney Dreamin’ Post.  I had hoped our first family visit would ease some of my “Year of Disney” excitement, but NOPE, I can’t wait to get back there … Continue reading

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Joshua’s Gift Continues

Last fall Joshua caught a gift for me.  He caught a preying mantid, my “favorite bug” of all time.  Anyway, within a few minutes of her captivity she began to lay a beautiful egg sac.  As soon as she completed … Continue reading

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Yard Camping

Yesterday we were enjoying a peaceful family day.  Pat and I were pulling the carpet out of the boys’ room while the children played on the Wii.  Everything was so relaxed and peaceful. When Pat and I finished our project I sent … Continue reading

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The Nutcracker 2009

For the last 3 or four years we have made it a yearly tradition to go with some homeschooling families to the school showing of the Nutcracker.  This year we were joined by most of Jessica’s kids, Christine and kids, … Continue reading

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