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Aunty Mary and Uncle Phil visit…

… time to party! We had such a great visit. My family, my Dad, and I love being one of their stops on the trip to and from MA. Aunt Mary and Uncle Phil, come back for Christmas and I’ll … Continue reading

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A bit late, but since I was inspired to post the entry below, I might as well play a bit with my new computer program and try posting a video. Several days ago we woke up to “Florida Snow”. It … Continue reading

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North Central Florida!!!

The weather here has been nothing short of incredible.  We have had blue skies and between 35-65 degrees.  Cold in the morning and evening and very comfortable all day.  As a result of this awesome weather we have been inspired … Continue reading

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SHEAF Homeschool Group

Three years ago, here at our little country parish, we had an average of 70 kids in our homeschool group every Friday.  By last year, due in large p[art to the transient nature of living in Florida and in part … Continue reading

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High Springs’ Christmas Parade

I love the Christmas parade!!!  Something about all those people, from all over this little area, getting together, even in the rain, to sing and cheer on Christmas.  I love the homemade floats, the local high school bands playing their … Continue reading

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St. Madeliene’s Church Christmas Party!!!

Immediately after our guests left Aubrey’s Birthday party, we were off to church for our parish Christmas Party.  What a wonderful turn out our little country parish had.  Everyone had a wonderful time, the food was great, the entertainment awesome, … Continue reading

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Family Life Center

  On November 1st our little country parish dedicated our new building, the Family Life Center.  The local paper did a nice story on it (http://www.highspringsherald.com/articles/2009/11/09/religion/religion01.txt) including a short video.  In the video there is an interview with our wonderful, … Continue reading

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Cat Chat came to High Springs!!!

This past Sunday our little country parish had the privilege of hosting a Cat Chat Concert.  It was, as Moses says, amazing!!!  Here are a few pictures.  I wish the images did the show justice. I very highly recommended this wonderful … Continue reading

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